S.A.I. Group has extensive experience in carrying out Food and Agricultural inspection. These include capabilities for inspection of Cereals including Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rice and Oil seeds such as Soybean, Sunflower, Colza, Rapeseed, other agricultural products such as Alfalfa, Soy Cake, and Livestock and Fish feedstuff in compliance with the standards and methods approvable by Commercial Societies such as GAFTA and FOSFA.

S.A.I. Group carries out qualitative and quantitative inspections including Weight Estimation Draft Survey; Supervision of Loading and Unloading Commodities, Inspection of Ship Warehouses; Determination of Damage to Goods and Sampling and taking Control Samples and Analysis Samples. In summary, we provide comprehensive and coordinated services in relation to:

  • Inspection of Oil seed and Animal fats and Fish and Fertilizers and Pesticide.
  • Supervision on Loading, Unloading, Sampling according to National and International Standards.
  • Dispatching drawn Samples to accredited Labs.
  • Determination of Weight on the basis of Ullage Survey on Shore Ship tanks or Draft Survey on Vessels.

All S.A.I. Group services in relation to the Food and Agricultural sector are coordinated by and under the supervision of S.A.I. Group’s International Coordination Office located in France. From our Co-ordination office in France we maintain communication with countries from which the products are exported, such as France, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and South Africa.

S.A.I. also Performs Inspection Prior To Transmission (Export) For Quantitative Inspection, Supervision of Loading and Discharging of Trucks, Containers, Wagons, Vessels, as well as Tankers.