S.A.I. Group’s Certificates and Certification Methods

Inspection Certificate (IC)

This type of Certificate is a document that may be called for under “Letter of Credit” (LC) or “Proforma Invoice” (PI), issued by independent inspection agency under PSI Program. It verifies Quality, Quantity, & Packing methods and standards as well as specification of the goods as per Proforma Invoice.


Is a Certificate which requires Verification of Conformity of the goods to an internationally known product standard (VOC) for specific commodities enforced by a country’s regulatory and standards organizations.


S.A.I. Inspection Capabilities

The S.A.I. Group has developed specialist knowledge and skills in a wide range of market and industrial sectors and products. The following list indicates the S.A.I. Group’s breadth of inspection capabilities:

  • Agriculture Food Stuff, Fertilizers, Animal Feeds, Pesticides etc…
  • Control and inspection of the quality and conformity of good
  • Quality Control Weighing, Checking, Tallying, Draft survey
  • Conditioning Control Stacks, Cardboard boxes, Tins, Barrels, Containers
  • Control of transport hygiene Wagons, Ships, Barrels, and Containers
  • Supervision of treatments (Fumigation—Insect Control)
  • Assistance and Expertise in case of disputes
  • Cereals and Oleaginous products Wheat, Durum wheat, Corn, Fodder and brewing barley,
  • Soya, Sunflower, Linseed, Olives, Groundnut, Sesame, Rice, Palm oil etc…
  • Tins and Frozen Products Corned beef, Sauces, Tinned Vegetables and Fish, Meat, Poultry and Sea food frozen products
  • Food Stuffs Malt, Wheat flour, Semolina, White and Brown sugar, Glucose, Cocoa and
  • Coffee, Powdered milk, MGLA, Butter, Cheese, Spices etc…
  • Animal Feeds Cattle cakes, Premix, Meat and Fish meal, Vitamin Concentrates, Molasses etc…
  • Fertilizers, Solid and Liquid Chemical Fertilizers, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides and etc…
  • Textiles, Leather, Wood and their By-products, Raw Material and Semi-Finished products
Technical Inspections & Certification

S.A.I. Group’s Technical Inspections can take many different forms depending on the subject to be inspected. Technical inspections could be for industrial projects, or be specific to a product in a finished form, or a product during manufacturing. These inspections could be carried out in any field including Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical, Structural, Painting, Dynamics, Statics, Hydraulics, Welding, Pipelines, Coating, etc.
S.A.I. reviews client’s Purchase Orders, Scope of Inspection, Drawings, and any other industrially related documents upon receipt of an assignment to ensure that S.A.I. field personnel are provided with the necessary paperwork prior to inspection activity taking place.
S.A.I. then manages the process by which Suppliers and Vendors are subjected to inspections which ensure correct production techniques are implemented and the material used during manufacturing are correct in accordance to clients’ standards requests. Standards are illustrated by Approved Drawings, and pre-determined Codes. As necessary and specified, S.A.I. arranges for all the tests and laboratory investigations and certifications that may be required during the whole process.
S.A.I. Technical Inspections cover different investigative parameters such as:
Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Eddy current, Magnetic particle, Liquid penetration examination, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic pressure testing, Wall thickness measurement, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Material analysis, Physical and Mechanical Testing, and Electrical test for specific jobs. In this respect other activities may also be required, such as:

  • Witnessing of Destructive or Non-Destructive testing on specific materials or Equipment, to ensure the requirements are met.
  • Reviewing of welding procedure specifications and welding operators’ qualification to ensure Code Compliance and the meet with your requirements.
  • Inspection of specific sub-assemblies, and finished items for Appearance, Workmanship, Dimensions, Surface condition and Operability.
  • Witnessing of any required testing, to ensure that the finished items comply with approved procedures and specifications.

Checking of all final preparations for dispatch that includes:
– Technical expertise extend to the fields of Cleaning, Oiling, Coating, Rust-proofing,
– Packing, Marking and Packing of equipment to ensure that the equipment and components
are properly prepared in accordance with client requirements